Staff June 10, 2021

The Gibraltar Social Democrats continue the same policy as in the dark days of Caruana when it comes to the freedom of the press.

Poll shows Community Care Trustees have overwhelming support.

The GSD, under Keith Azopardi, has changed its positions on just about everything. The GSD now stands for the opposite of what it stood for in many areas before the various changes of leadership. Many who used to support the GSD do not really know what it stands for on key issues. But on one thing, the party leopard has not changed its spots. When it comes to the GSD’s desire to silence The New People, they are still very much in the same bad old place.

The leader of the party, who pretends at various times that he is a conservative and at others that he is a progressive (remember his old “Progressive Democratic Party?), has really shown his true colours in fronting a press release and interview in which he has chosen to single out this newspaper for criticism.

When politicians decide that they are going to criticise the media, they are no longer commenting on the social issues of the day and they are taking on the communicators. This usually arises when the politicians do not like the messages that are being delivered about them or about a cause that they support.

So much for Keith Azopardi saying he believes in fundamental rights like press freedom.

Our series of articles in pursuit of a Special Investigation into the issue of the Community Officer scheme has shown up the GSD. Azopardi and Clinton have spoken out in favour of the claims of the claimants, some of whom have HUGE, non-contributory, tax-free public sector pensions (sometimes running into hundreds of thousands of pounds, just shy of a million in some instances). THE GSD HAVE NOT SIDED WITH THOSE IN HARDSHIP. THE GSD HAVE SIDED WITH THE VERY WELL OFF TO INCREASE INEQUALITY.

What this newspaper has done is highlight the reality of this issue. In doing so, we have highlighted the hypocrisy of the GSD on this front and on public finance generally. The GSD say that the GSLP Liberals spend too much, but they are the first to go out and support more spending in any case when they think that they can persuade a voter or two to vote for them by coming out in their favour, whatever the cost.

In fact, a recent poll on Facebook suggests that – now that The New People has put the facts out there – the public agrees with the Trustees of the Independent Charity, Community Care, are right to have added pension income to the means test.

At the time of going to press the results suggested 220 persons supporting the Trustees to 20 not supporting them. A huge landslide result! We support the Trustees and we will not be deterred by any attack from the GSD.

We are used to the GSD trying to censor and silence us. It will NOT work! When the GSD splits and ends its political existence, The New People will still be here. We will write about it. It may even be our lead story that week. Or there may be more important issues to highlight then in our continued work to deliver Social Justice in Gibraltar.





Staff June 10, 2021


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Staff June 10, 2021


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