Staff June 10, 2021

The Gibraltar Social Democrats have once again taken another huge stride towards demonstrating to the people of Gibraltar that they cannot be trusted.

Their press release dated 2 June 2021 alleging that Mr Picardo ultimately owns The New People newspaper, was another tragic example of the GSD deliberately trying to deceive the people of Gibraltar making impulsive, baseless accusations which are inherently flawed both in logic and in law.

In what can only be described as a knock-out response to the GSD’s misinformed press release, the GSLP’s press release explained that, in line with established trust law, Mr Picardo holds the shares as a ‘bare nominee’ for the Executive Committee and members of the GSLP. This is in stark contrast to any implication that he holds these shares in his personal capacity for gain, and is an accusation that any honourable party should retract.

The GSD failed to understand the law, they failed to understand the Companies Act 2014 and failed to investigate the matter thoroughly enough before ‘shooting from the hip’ with an entirely erroneous press release.

Yet, we should not take this press release in isolation. In fact, the GSD, of late, is a party that has pivoted further towards misinformation. The desperation of not being able to impeach the GSLP’s policies has led them to resort to a barrage of what can only be classed as ‘fake news’, in a shallow bid to attempt to inflict some damage on the GSLP.

Take the GSD’s statement on allowing camera access to St Bernard’s Hospital. That statement was replete with inaccuracies and demonstrated the ‘misinformation’ approach being adopted by the GSD. Take their rhetoric on unvaccinated hospital and ERS visitors; once again incoherent, contrary to the expert medical advice being received and an attempt to blow an issue entirely out of proportion. Further, take the GSD’s criticisms of the GSLP’s housing record; once again entirely rebutted by the fact that the GSLP’s housing record is extremely impressive and is set to become even more so over the coming years (something which they, no doubt, are trembling in their boots about). To top that off, the criticisms stem from the leader of the GSD, who, in Government, did not lay a single brick in eight years to house Gibraltarians!

The GSD’s change of tact to focus on personal attacks, politicise issues regarding vulnerable people in our community and the web of inaccuracies which is brazenly spun through every one of their statements is, quite frankly, shameless.

Sadly, the worst part of this web of misinformation being created by the GSD is that it seems to be increasing rather than decreasing. Each week brings a new opportunity for the GSD to home-in on a non-existent issue and criticise the Government for it. The ever-clear reality though is that whenever you read a GSD press release or statement you simply cannot trust it.

There is no question that Mr Azopardi knows the position in law and that he has chosen deliberately to spin this to deceive people and mislead public opinion. He is either guilty of this or of being simply a bad lawyer who does not understand the Companies Act. Either way, hardly potential Chief Minister material and shameful for the standard bearer of the GSD and its membership.

Gone are the days when opposition politics was conducted by raising constructive ideas for improvement, rather than misinformation and personal attacks. Gone are the days when you could trust that the opposition was commenting on facts rather than their own fabrications.

Instead, the GSD, under Mr Azopardi, has adopted a strategy of firing from the hip and mudslinging. What he does not realise though is that with every misinformed, inaccurate, and erroneous press release the GSD makes, the people of Gibraltar are increasingly seeing his party as a party that cannot be trusted.

They say that if you throw enough mud at a wall, some of it may stick. In desperation, this is evidently the route being taken by the increasingly weakened leader of the opposition, whose political credibility is constantly being questioned both internally and extrernally. However, as we are coming to see time and time again, in the GSD’s case, the mud is all falling straight back onto their already tarnished name.

This newspaper will be proud to highlight each and every time this policy of deceit is applied by the opposition parties in detriment of our common interest and in a vain attempt to suit their own selfish and misguided populist policies.

This is what happens when the facts do not suit their ends, they attempt to deceive through wilful misrepresentation of the issues. Shameful indeed.





Staff June 10, 2021


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Staff June 10, 2021


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