Staff June 10, 2021

In celebration of World Bicycle Day and World Environment Day, OTWO and Gibraltar Cycling Association (GCA) came together to create an event held on Saturday 5th June 2021. An attendance of over 200 people from all ages joined in a fun ride through the planned route. It was great to see so many families joining in and enjoying a safe cycle.

The event started off at Casemates where Chris Nunez gave a small speech to the crowd before Minister Daranyani set the cyclists off along the predefined route. This took the group through Line Wall Road, down through Queensway and towards Small Boats Marina where Drone Air provided their services by filming the event. The group then set off towards Sandy Bay where a temporary bicycle parking was set up by Gib Scaffolding. Food was arranged by Kokonut Chiringuito. It was a complete event ending in good food, lovely ambience and amazing sounds from the guys at MAG.

Both OTWO and Gibraltar Cycling Association would like to give their sincerest gratitude to all who participated in the event. Cycling is good for personal physical and mental health, the environment and the economy. It helps to shape a healthier more sustainable lifestyle. It has become a very popular mode of transport locally with numbers increasing by the day.

This is one of many events we hope to arrange to show just how popular cycling has become locally and to campaign and promote safer cycling throughout.

Special mention must be made of Gary, of Gib Scaffolding, for helping us set up temporary bicycle parking at Sandy Bay. Stuart, from Drone Air, for providing us with his incredible services. GibInk and eBikes Gibraltar for helping us sell tickets for the meals at their premises. All the professionals at Kokonut Chiriguito for their incredible service on the day and musicians at MAG for their amazing sounds and a lovely chilled ambience. Diexter Thomas captured the special moments with his lenses and keen eyes.

GCA marshals Melaine Balban, Peter Buttigieg and Ernest Danino handled the important marshalling job and kept us all safe through the route.

Many thanks to Minister Daryaniani for joining us on the day and agreeing to set us off on our route.

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Staff June 10, 2021


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Staff June 10, 2021


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