Staff May 17, 2019

Last Friday, Dr John Cortes, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, made a presentation about  the deployment of a solar photo-voltaic (PV) at New Harbours, Solar Park One, as part of a scheme to produce over 3 megawatts of clean ‘renewable’ power.

This scheme will also include the installation of solar PV at the Gibraltar Airport, which would produce 1300kwh, Europa Business Centre 450kwh and Mid Harbours Estate 409kwh.

This will produce approximately 10% of Gibraltar’s average power consumption.

Already the existing plant, operated by EUFON, under a power-purchase agreement with the Gibraltar Electricity Authority, is generating up to 700-800kwh, or 2.5% of the average production.

This scheme is in addition to the solar tender launched last year, the first phase of which will be rolled out in the coming months. These projects are important steps in shifting to cleaner and renewable power generation for Gibraltar, reducing carbon emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels.

Speaking at the presentation, the Minister said, “I am extremely pleased to be able to announce this just days after Parliament unanimously declared a Climate Emergency. While the amount is still low, it is a huge step forward considering that the past administration had no intention whatsoever of moving to renewable energy in any way.

We can now say that already the equivalent of nearly 350 houses daily are powered by renewable energy in Gibraltar, and we are avoiding emission of up to 3,300kg of Carbon dioxide per day. It shows that the target of 20% renewable by 2020 is achievable, and we will aim for more. Coupled with the opening of the new LNG plant this Monday, just 3 days after the Parliament declaration, it shows the Government’s commitment that the fight against Climate Change will be very much more than just words.”

He further explained that the sites PV panels had been carefully chosen and that the old water catchments were unsuitable due to environmental reasons, plus their position meant they did not receive adequate sunlight.  There were no plans to place panels in the Nature Reserve.

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Staff May 17, 2019


Staff May 17, 2019