The Editor January 13, 2022

Gibraltar retired for the Christmas festivities, subdued by circumstances, under the Sword of Damocles called Omicron, a new virus strain rearing its head worldwide, after Delta, with our authorities doing everything possible to contain the menace. Some experts on viral infections were predicting that as Omicron goes into downtrend other strains may appear, but each version weaker than its predecessor, until it may become no more dangerous than a common cold. But as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Struggling against a pandemic with an open frontier and flights and cruise ships arriving is indeed an onerous task, like warding off a sumo wrestler with one’s hands tied behind one’s back.

No one is suggesting we should back pedal to restrictions again. Just let us allow the experts to get on with the job. The last thing we want are self-appointed experts telling us what to do.

In the budget session the CM said: “The Hon Lady got up and told us that she was right all along, throughout the pandemic, and that if we had done things her way, fewer people would have died. Seriously, Mr. Speaker?”

The conceitedness is only surpassed by the level of vacuity!

While we hope that our encounter with Covid will soon be over, we hope that our negotiators will deliver an acceptable and honorable treaty acceptable to us and the other sides.

In effect we are all really lucky that we have a left-wing PSOE Government to deal with and their associates in Spain, much more humane than Casado’s PP and their new extreme right Vox. With these in power we would not even be on speaking terms.

As Fabian has said on previous occasions this is a multi-sided negotiations and we cannot give a blow-by-blow account on how it is going. He will know if the final version is worth accepting or not. But whatever that is, it will be far better than turning Gibraltar into an EU protectorate with the EU President ruling the roost and getting rid of Her Majesty, as Pardi once suggested.





Staff January 13, 2022