Staff January 13, 2021

It is often said that Gibraltarians will always rise to the challenge. That we will not be daunted by the size or nature of the challenge and that we will react and achieve well above expectations.

There can be no bigger challenge than that presented by the Covid-19 disaster.

The whole world, without exception of nationality, wealth or size of community, has seen its socio-economic structures decimated by the measures necessary to protect life. This is far from over, but we are now, at last, in the last phase of this arduous route to beat this evil virus.

If it were not for some shallow party-political attitudes, there would be unanimous acclaim in the handling of the crisis, not only by the Government but also, more importantly, by our Parliament.

Every country that has not been fortunate enough to have political classes that are able to rise to the challenge, have and are suffering for it. Their control of the virus is worse. Their number of casualties is higher, their health services are under more pressure, their economic consequences and, most importantly, their loss of life will be greater.

The incredible success of the procurement and delivery of the vaccine is astounding and we must congratulate all involved. There is still a long way to go, but the vaccine programme has really got off to a perfect start.

It has involved the whole of our community. We have seen the British Government working with our own, the MOD working in support, the RAF and the RGR, the RGP, the GHA doing their best, the Gibraltar Taxi Association and the private sector giving their time, services and premises free of charge, all for the common good. All working to care for each other and to protect our community from the ravages of this relentless enemy.

In this we have seen Gibraltar at its very best. The photograph of Mr Robert Durrell conveys that sentiment. That of a caring community coming together against all odds to look after our own, particularly when the recipient has done so much for the care of this community himself.

All involved must be rightly proud of their work as the whole of Gibraltar must be proud to have a community that delivers this kind of caring and sensitive approach.

In particular of course, we must mention the incredible dedication to service shown by the GHA in all their departments. They are having to deal with the biggest health crisis in modern times and are doing so remarkably, so caringly, so humanely in true Gibraltarian fashion. Minister Samantha Sacramento and her team in the GHA have to be congratulated and encouraged. Brilliant team work!

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Staff January 14, 2021