Staff October 15, 2020

It is with great sadness that we have to share with you the sad loss of two stalwart members of the GSLP family.


Maribel Chellaram (age 71 years) was a long serving GSLP member and active in the Executive as Treasurer

Like all our diehard members who have shared a lifetime of commitment to the values of the GSLP, and the enduring defence of the homeland, Maribel will be long remembered by all for her selfless dedication to the Party for the good of Gibraltar and its people

Maribel stood for election in 2007 for the GSLP/Liberal Alliance but was unsuccessful in gaining a seat.

Described by colleagues as a ‘stalwart’ of the party she has been a supporter since the Party was founded, a member, an activist, a candidate, a member of the Executive and took on the role of Treasurer in which she was active right up to the past few months, until her illness got the better of her

Maribel was committed and determined in the organisation of the Party her strength was commendable and her many qualities were an important part of how the GSLP re-organised in the lead up to the 2011 election.  

Maribel was also a long-standing member of the Adoption and Fostering Panel of the Care Agency. Being an adoptive parent herself, she brought to the Panel a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The loss of any member is always a sad occasion but it is more difficult when it is a member who has been in the Party since its inception. Maribel will be very much missed by her colleagues.

Rest in peace Maribel.

LUIS SAMPERE – 1933 - 2020

Luis Sampere (age 87 years) was a candidate in the first GSLP line-up in the1980 General Election, where Joe Bossano stood with five candidates and was the sole representative elected.

For several years Luis served in the Executive Committee of the party as the representative of the Pensioners’ section.

As well as his role in the GSLP, Luis was an active member in the TGWU where he represented the RAF section of the MOD, at Shop Steward and at Branch level for many years.

In the 1970’s he was one of the key players in TGWU’s MOD section in organising and mobilising members during the 3 yearlong battle for parity of wages with MOD UK.

A committed socialist who was always ready to defend his fellow workers.

He also served for many years on the committee of the Senior Citizens Social Club in Town Range. A life dedicated to helping others is what he was committed to together with a very strong Catholic Christian faith, it was his hallmark and the memory that he has blessed us with.

Luis made an art of combining his union and political endeavours with his Christian faith, which he always regarded as complementing each other for the benefit of those he tried to help. He will remain forever in our hearts.

Rest in peace Luis.






Staff October 15, 2020


Staff October 15, 2020