Staff October 15, 2020

In our 24th September edition we spoke of the Winds of Change that were signalled by the Chief Secretary during an interview given to GBC.

At this interview, he intimated that moves were afoot to create a central hub for Government interaction. It is regretful that almost a month has transpired and still we do not see or hear anything about this development.

At this time of uncertainty, at this time when private sector activity is curtailed and when individual mobility is not encouraged this action is urgently required.

Unfortunately, there seems to be little sense of urgency in the implementation of these essential measures. As a consequence, e-government services are sporadic, not user friendly and, certainly, not widely available.

The private sector needs quick and efficient supports, members of the older generation need support navigating these systems and all we are getting at the moment is a promise of something to come.

Surely at this time, when public counters are closed, there are freed resources that could have been employed to expedite the implementation of these measures. It is amazing that, in spite of this reduction in services and constant Government support, we still cannot get the public services this community deserves and will depend on in the trying times ahead.

This publication will continue to spotlight this deficiency. We fully appreciate and acknowledge the many efforts being made but, until services are what they should be, the whole of the community will feel let down and uncared for.

These are challenging times. They require imaginative and definitive actions being taken by those who manage the Civil Service. At times it appears as though they have no appreciation for the need there is for improvement in these services. Not a day goes by which does not have a complaint registered against one government department or the other. A public satisfaction survey would have eye watering negative results, yet this sense of urgency simply is not apparent, not reflected in actions.

Covid will come to an end, this virus is likely to be conquered in the first half of next year. These extraordinary times bring with it extraordinary opportunities to change things for the better. Not taking advantage of this would be unforgivable, more so when the challenges of recovering from the devastating economic impact of the Covid measures will be so dependent on an efficient and supportive public service. Factor in the potential impact of Brexit and the situation becomes dire.

It’s time for actions not promises!






Staff October 15, 2020


Staff October 15, 2020