Staff July 30, 2020

Perry Stieglitz was our man in Washington for many years.

He and Sir Joe Bossano met when Joe was invited to the States by the US Government in 1986 under their International Visitor Program and Perry was appointed as his escort for the one-month visit. In that month they learned a lot from each other and went on to become lifelong inseparable friends.

Two years later, when Joe became Chief Minister, he called Perry in the United States and asked him to open a Gibraltar office in Washington to represent Gibraltar in the US.

Perry was instrumental in getting Joe in contact with the United Nations Committee of 24 at the time when the UK Foreign Office, under Tristam Garrel Jones, did not want Joe to address the UN decolonisation committee.

Perry looked after Gibraltar’s interest and worked incessantly to engage political support in Washington for our self-determination. He made many visits to Gibraltar to keep in touch with it and always loved being here where he felt very much at home.

After his retirement, Perry was granted the Medallion of Honour by Gibraltar’s Parliament for his services to Gibraltar and received it on National Day at Casemates in 2013 when he was 93 years old.

Now he is 100 (born on 18 April 1920), The New People, the GSLP and the Gibraltarians all wish him a very ‘Happy Birthday’ and many more to come, together with his wonderful wife Princess Moune, a member of the Royal Family of Laos.

Perry, your passport may be US, but your soul is Gibraltarian!