Staff July 18, 2019

There are times in all legislatures, when people begin to wonder whether their Government really has their best interests at heart. This is true in most western democracies where there is clear evidence that the end of the second term is equivalent to the 7-year marriage itch.

The best manifestation of Government policies and its priorities has to be its programme of investments. There is no better measure of its determination to provide for the essentials in our community.

One wonders how the investment of nearly one hundred million pounds in the airport benefitted Gibraltar. For sure our Air Terminal Building needed a refit and was simply not fit for purpose, but the pharaonic proportions of the building conceived by the GSD government simply could not, and cannot be justified, even today.

This kind of investment understandably alienates the electorate from its executive. When real and tangible benefits cannot be seen to flow from its investment programme, it indicates that they have lost touch, that they no longer hold the trust of the people they represent and they are at risk. Normally, the end of the second term is where these factors are most manifest.

In the case of the GSLP/LIBS this test of time is the same as for all others. Why then is there still this overwhelming support felt in town circles? Why is the Opposition apparently relegated to simply being the bearer of bad news in the hope that eventually some will stick? The answer is becoming obvious and, actually, is quite simple. This Government has the right investment priorities.

The Island Games has delivered to Gibraltar not only the games promised and its legacy in facilities, but also a feeling that when we all work together, we deliver well above our station. That no matter how often detractors tried to bring it down and ridicule the aspirations and beliefs that drove those responsible to accept the challenge, when Gibraltar unites as one - it delivers and delivers well.

We are praised as a community within this edition by the Chairman of the Island Games Committee and proud we should all be of the amazing success.

It is this brave and uncompromising attitude on the part of the present administration that has driven people together. People have felt the benefit of the investment, even before we all see the incredible improvement in sporting facilities for our community, its people have felt together and better for it.

This investment makes sense.

We have covered in previous editions the incredible commitment to providing low cost housing. More units are now being marketed in one of the biggest ever attempts at controlling our needs for housing so that Gibraltarians are never forced to live elsewhere because its Government did not prioritise housing.

This investment makes sense.

Education is another subject close to people’s hearts. All realise how important it is to equip future generations. All have seen the immense improvement in Notre Dame School, we can all see and feel the pace of construction to reach new targets set for other schools. The feeling is good in town with great expectations for the immediate future as new schools are completed.

This investment makes sense.

Today we have seen the new children’s Primary Care Unit, never again will our children be subjected to the risk of contracting ills from sick adults. A prime example of a caring Government, giving also the children themselves a much better experience within a purpose-built centre.

This investment makes sense.

A new Primary Care Centre will follow shortly for which again there are great expectations.

Far from suffering from an itch, the current Government’s second term seems to be reinforcing its clear lead over the opposition in popularity as well it should be. There is not better example of a government Prioritising People with its investments.

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