John Clear January 13, 2022

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When raw uncontained ambition replaces ideology the drift to gutter politics and baseness becomes unrelenting in an effort to paper over the huge ideological cracks.

Two political leaders constantly asking the Government to “come clean” - a favourite phrase used by Marlene. Isn’t it high time they should come clean themselves and explain to the electorate the whys and wherefores of their political gymnastics?

Marlene started politics on the opposite side of the road she says she is on now. Her present side is a much more convenient side, she hopes, to get to where she wants to go, than the one she started off from, to get anywhere. Was it a cynical change of convenience or a genuine Damascene conversion?

Politics is indeed the art of the possible. Or the probable? Perhaps propelled by the desirable?

The GSD, at a time when Feetham was already feeling the pinch, was quite ready to take her in and make her a member of the executive and then lift her to Parliament. For her the party was just a vehicle of convenience, despite her avowals of love and praise for the GSD. It should go down as one of the most ephemeral and cynical love stories of our time. Immediately she was hoisted on to the new political podium, it seems, she started planning her next move. Unflinchingly Machiavellian indeed!

She calls herself progressive but can’t quite come round and call herself socialist. Her socialite milieu would never quite understand such a full stretch.

She should not concern herself with character assassinations her histrionics, part of her modus operandi, have dealt with that matter, as it concerns her, admirably. She needed no help. Her antics are indeed uninspiring.

The change from right to left alone is important enough to demand an explanation before anyone casts a single vote for her.

Pardi himself left the GSD and he seems to have gone on an almost 17 years’ orbital trip around the Milky Way only to end up in the GSD again which is where he took off from, only this time with his ascendancy over Feetham whose failure as leader gave him not only a huge sense of satisfaction but also the opportunity he was always seeking. He should also tell all and sundry why he thinks he is going to succeed with the GSD now, if he was such a dismal failure with his now defunct PDP? The electors are the same ones who never supported him then. What has changed? Only the acronym of the parties, for the ideological pigeon hole of the GSD remains as empty now as it was under the PDP.

He left the GSD in a huff when Feetham walked in. He then founded the Progressive Democratic Party. Like Marlene he used the name progressive for convenience. The party was founded in 2006 and spent much of its time harassing the GSD, just like he does to Government now. He accused the GSD then of lacking vision and direction. Lacking any ideological anchor - this is standard procedure for him.

He was partly to blame for the GSD having lost the 2011election in which, by the way, the PDP did not even manage to land a single seat.

His Christmas message is demagoguery laid bare, yet again, where the Gibraltar he wants to see now was not achieved during the sixteen years period of the GSD administration or even when he became the Deputy Chief Minister? He ended the message as follows (a country) “Where your Government tells you the truth” (Sic) referring to our Government. Perhaps he could start by telling us the truth about himself while he is in opposition, who he really is, what his real ideology (if any) is, where the GSD under his leadership stands etc. There is so much explaining to do!

What chance have we got that as Government, such a demagogic and enigmatic individual will ever tell us the truth?

Should he not show some respect not only to the membership of the GSD, to whom he is certainly indebted, but generally to all those who listen to his onslaught on public media too and whom he hopes will one day vote for him?

Does Pardi have a vision for Gibraltar? Of course he has, but it is simply not popular - not fit for his purpose of becoming the next Chief Minister of Gibraltar.

But let us allow the Chief Minister to unlock Pardi’s secret agenda for Gibraltar in his reply to him in the July budget session.

“……I remember what he said on 8th May 2017. He said that we should pursue Gibraltar becoming an EU protectorate with the President of the EU Commission being in charge of our external relations. So, Britain having left the EU, we put ourselves in the hands of the EU, we go into a relationship of free association with the UK – and I will show you where he said that – and then we put Gibraltar’s future in the hands of the European Union President, the self-same European Union President who has now published the mandate that we all have rejected, with Spain in the European Commission and in the European Union and in the European Council. I do not forget these things. Does he? Is this the opportunity that he thinks we should have pursued? He wanted us to apply to become, under the European treaties, a European territory for whose external relations the President of the European Commission would be responsible. Black and white, his own hand.”Is this now GSD policy? The voters need to know. If it is not then why hasn’t the GSD executive asked him to retract publicly before making him party leader?






Staff January 13, 2022