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As the year turns from 2020 to 2021, many, nay, perhaps the world as
a whole was happy to see its back and say good riddance to a period
that has left its mark on the human race as only the two world wars
and bygone epidemics in previous centuries did. As the pandemic,
Brexit, universal economics crises and recessions were threatening
to unleash their wrath on human society, the extreme right
worldwide, like Hitler in days bygone, as if by magic, started
awakening from their slumber and attempted to grasp the unique
opportunity offered by democracies, that seemed not to have an
answer to the crises, by propounding their toxic brand of
nationalism and extreme right wing populism, promising to retake old
illusory values that if they served anyone in a bygone era it was
the oligarchs, as the only panacea to all our ills. The world's
crises would be the foundation stone on which they would build and
destroy democracy.     

The more crises the merrier. Nationalist movements around the world
started flexing their muscles, in many instances supported by
religions that had found a new popularity, in many cases led by
exceedingly rich pastors, made so through the alms of the poor that
could barely feed their families, movements that could mobilise
hundreds of thousands of their faithful with the aid of television,
sending the false message that the despots would enable their
demagogic agendas.  We saw this in Brazil were the unconscionable
Bolsonaro was elected President supported by the evangelists, a man
who is quite ready to cut down the Amazon in order to benefit big
business and line his pocket, and those of his family, in the
venture.  Hungary and Poland where the right wing's answer to
recession in their respective countries, are now challenging the EU
on human liberties while making their judiciaries subservient to the
leaders' only. Leaders becoming richer and more despotic by the day,
holding their grip on power with parliaments almost impotent to

But humanity appears to suffer from permanent amnesia. We seem to
forget the experience of our forbearers, the oft repeated previews,
recounted many times over a meal at the table, of what accepting
their panacea meant for humanity in the 30s and 40s of the last
century. The slaughter, torture and displacement of many millions of
innocents. Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco and
their enablers, for we must never forget their enablers, those who
jumped on the despots' bandwagon and sung their praises, without
whom these monsters would never have been able to perpetrate their
murderous endeavours.    

Hitler unleashed the Second World War in order to protect the purity
of the German race and because they needed lebensraum and saw that
the democracies were too weak to oppose him. Mussolini joined the
fracas because he saw it was a good opportunity to recreate the old
Roman Empire, and convinced Italians they were entitled to one, and
Franco to protect   

the God-given privileges of the bourgeoisie and the church. In Spain
they were almost indistinguishable from one another and both felt
under threat from the red scourge. A red scourge enhanced by the
suffering of those who could not manage to feed their children nor
provide basic health care for the family. A red scourge that simply
demanded a fair society. How dare they ask for, at least, a meal a
day for their children and parity of access to education like the
oligarchs had?  

But this was a church Franco quickly desecrated, a church he sought
to protect from those who dared demand food for their children by
villainous acts of murder and by bringing in Moslem troops to
protect Christianity. Moslem and Christian troops that supposedly
protected Catholicism, by raping and murdering young damsels simply
because they felt entitled to do so and had been enabled so by the
scoundrel General Queipo de Llano, who said that this was to
demonstrate his soldiers' superior manhood. This villain is buried
in the cathedral of Seville where a mass is held yearly for the
repose of his soul. So we must assume the right believed he had a
soul after all! Since he was buried there the stench of sulphur has
not left the cathedral.   

But we cannot forget the red fascism of Stalin, just as murderous,
or even more, than the above.
That was an era gone by, though the cold war saw the world divided
and entrenched against each other until barely a few lustres ago.

A combination of crises, even before the Pandemic, gave demagogues
and aspiring despots their cue. Extreme right wing Governments that,
immediately they were elected, chose undemocratic measures that
delighted the plutocrats, particularly the lowering of taxes for the
rich, and allowing them to plunder our natural resources to the
detriment of the world's climate.

We cannot forget the right-wing despots who have already carved out
an empire for themselves and their families. Putin, Erdogan,
Duterte, Kim Jong Il etc, people who will stay in power until they
die or until they are kicked out. All extremely friendly with Trump,
the man who convinced seventy-five million Americans that the last
US election was reversible and envied these despots their power.

He maintained US elections were rigged in favour of Joe Biden and
that by reversing it, he could perpetuate his stay. But the USA is
not Russia or Turkey.  

He appealed all the courts in the land sixty times, even the Supreme
Court twice and got his case thrown out because he had no evidence
for his contentions, so he harangued his white supremacist
supporters to invade the seat of Government, the Capitol, to stop
legislators nominating Biden as the duly elected President.  

The extreme right-wing movements rearing their heads, threatening to
take control, is a world crisis in itself that must be dealt with

This is a world crisis that will linger long after we resolve the
pandemic, because despots are loath to relinquish their power, and
there are many more aspiring right -wing despots stoking the emotion
of the gullible worldwide, offering them immediate prêt-à-porter

Donald Trump was able to convince, what people around the world saw
as a mature tried and tested USA electorate, using very simple
language, low grade lexicon and syntactically short and very
repetitive phrases, often left unfinished because he usually lost
the thread of his arguments after one minute or so. This was not a
language of choice, but of necessity.  It is the only way he can
express himself without getting into knots.  His media of choice,
with which he communicated with his base, were Twitter and Facebook.
Mediums for which he understood his grasp of English was more than
adequate. Facebook and Twitter were his political planforms with
which he felt comfortable, in the knowledge that his supporters were
eagerly awaiting his messages.   

He was supported wholeheartedly by Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox
News and the New York Post. Murdoch is a climate change denier.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse says Trump was delighted that his
extreme right-wing supporters had stormed the Capitol.

Before leaving the USA scene we have to mention Steve Bannon,
Trump's former advisor on strategy, a man who leaves a stench of
sulphur, just like Queipo de Llano, wherever he passes. He came to
Europe and met almost all extreme right wing hopeful despots
including VOX's Abascal. He attempted to form a federation of
extreme right-wing parties in order to form a federation and take
over the EU.  

In August 2020, Bannon was arrested and he and three others were
charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and money laundering in
connection to the 'We Build the Wall' campaign.

He has pleaded not guilty and will stand trial in May 2021. In
November 2020, Bannon's Twitter account was permanently suspended
after he suggested that Anthony Fauci, the USA expert on the
pandemic, and FBI Director Christopher Wray, should be beheaded.
Finally, we need to mention Hermann Tertsch, VOX's deputy in the EU,
who has gone full circle, from belonging to the Basque Communist
Party to the most right-wing element at the service of demagogue
Abascal, leader of VOX.  

Hermann Tertsch, said on the lady protester who died in the assault
on the Capitol: "She is not George Floyd, a criminal who died
drugged after resisting." The ultra-rightist attempts to sully the
memory of the murdered African American, is despicable.  

The right fell back on to conspiracy theories the most horrendous of
which is the QAnon conspiracy. A conspiracy people believe lock
stock and barrel.  But the conspiracy that must take the biscuit, is
one that appeared on an online publication at the weekend "Trumpists
and Vatican conspiracists denounce an alliance between Biden and the
Pope to seize power".

They insinuate that the resignation of Benedict XVI is linked to the
"Saint Gallen mafia", a group close to the doctrine of the Second
Vatican Council. The attempted coup by supporters of Donald Trump
with his assault on Congress had not yet taken place, when the
former strategist of the outgoing president and the number one enemy
of Pope Francis, Carlo María Viganò, denounced a conspiracy by
Bergoglio and Biden to seize power in the United States.  

Steve Bannon, who was Donald Trump's adviser in his first months as
a tenant in the White House, interviewed former Italian Archbishop
Carlo María Viganò on The National Pulse. The former nuncios
proclaimed himself as public enemy number one of Pope Francis, even
going so far as to question his election.

During the conversation, both denounced a large-scale conspiracy
between the Vatican and Joe Biden to seize power from the United
States and thus remove Donald Trump from the White House. A
conspiracy that adds to the constant unfounded accusations of the
outgoing president of "electoral fraud " and that have been the
breeding ground for the invasion of the Capitol by Trump supporters."

Let's never forget what the dangers of the immoral use of social
media can be to society.   







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