The Editor January 13, 2021

Margallo remains as obsessive with Gibraltar as he has always been and totally convinced that, had the Spaniards had the determination to apply restrictions, which he believes they were entitled to under Brexit, we would have capitulated to their demands immediately. Clearly, he has absolutely no concept of our resoluteness to stand our ground and remain adamant against any challenge that confronts us and remain as we are, as we have always been. He does not begin to understand the Gibraltarian character and determination and never will.

He says that he had vowed never to come to Gibraltar until the Spanish flag flies over the rock. He therefore never will.

Margallo is the grandson, and great grandson, of two generals who fought and died fighting against the Berbers, the rightful owners of Melilla, in order to deprive them of their land. In fact, he took his first seat in congress representing Melilla and this did not seem ignominious to him. Yet his heart bleeds for the descendants of those who left Gibraltar over three hundred years ago. They were allowed to leave, peacefully, they were not slaughtered, and whom he says settled in San Roque, but does not care two hoots about those massacred by his forbearers in order to deprive them of their land in another country. His injury therefore, cannot be because we are a colony in Spain, though Spain, as far as we are concerned, and the international community agrees, ends at the frontier, but has no qualms about having two colonies in Morocco. To use his yardstick.

I know they maintain that these are not colonies but as the saying goes “a rose by any other name is still a rose.” It would be very interesting to find out who these Gibraltarians Margallo claimed visited him in Madrid were. He said that these were people who held factual or real power in Gibraltar or was so led to believe.

This seems to be a repetition of when the Palomos went to Madrid prior to the closure of the frontier.

We can tell Margallo, factual power or not, they would have been unable to make us change our minds. In fact, they would not find the gall and effrontery to admit to Gibraltar they had gone to Madrid to listen to Margallo’s proposals.





Staff January 14, 2021


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Staff January 14, 2021