The Editor July 30, 2020

The meeting between Arantxa Gonzalez Laya and Fabian Picardo caught us all on the hop.

Perhaps it was designed to. Just as well given the diatribe the Spanish right is capable of.

The Spanish right is still caught in a three hundred years’ time warp and they do not progress.

They are incapable of applying to themselves what they would have applied to others…

What happened over three hundred years ago has no relevance to today’s affairs.

The right-wing publication, La Razon says, “never in three centuries had Spanish diplomacy given Gibraltar a charter of nature (of rights) for the simple reason that the cession of sovereignty was made to England and Spain would never have accepted that the principle of self-determination had been applied to that colony.”

Of course not! The principle of self-determination is a modern concept that Spain has not yet come to terms with - much less the dictatorial right.

But what Spain may or may not have agreed with, is irrelevant in today’s world. As far as the right in Spain is concerned, only that which has been duly agreed and signed is valid.

When Spain simply sailed to the Canaries, and almost eliminated all the inhabitants, the Guanches, who conceded the islands to Spain? Who did they consult? They simply took the land from the natives because they had superior arms and the Guanches were not politically organised.

At least we know that the left in Spain moves with the times, even if the right remains static.